2016 Tape (CDR - 003)

by Prescriptions

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Sasha Canadec
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Sasha Canadec love at first sight Favorite track: Rock High (Never Gonna Happen).
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released August 1, 2016

Written & Produced by Mike & Rambo
EXCEPT 'OUT OF LUCK' written by The Pointed Sticks
Recorded & mixed by Phil Jones at the Dangler in Seattle
Periodically between Summer 2015 - Spring 2016.
Mastered by JJ Heath at EagleTime in Vancouver, April 2016.
Cassette - Crippling Doubt May 2016 [cripplingdoubtdotbigcarteldotcom]
7" EP - Sonic Order Records Summer/Fall 2016?



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Prescriptions Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Rock High (Never Gonna Happen)
Listen to me,
just let me be.
You're not the only ones,
you're not the only ones in my life.
I've got some other things,
I've got some other things on my mind.

You're trying to stop me,
trying to slow me down,
it's never gonna happen.

There's one thing you ought to know,
I've got a secret weapon.
I've got an ace up my sleeve.
Sometimes it's hard to breathe,
because it's my obsession.
Rock high from down below.
It's something you will never know.
Track Name: Out of Luck (Pointed Sticks)
I never ever wanted to get too close to you
I didn't wanna fall in love
They'd tell me all the stories of the boys and their glory
Nearly died when you gave them the shove
But I fell for you honey, now I'm feeling funny
Like maybe I'm the next in line
I guess I'm just another guy out of luck, whoa-whoa
I guess this time I've just run out of luck

Because you always told me that when we were together
You were happy for the very first time,
I'd look into your blue eyes and figured that you meant it
And that everybody else was lying

But now you come and tell me that you really like me
And you hope that we can still be friends,
I guess I'm just another guy out of luck, whoa-whoa
I guess this time I've just run out of luck

Now I know, you never really loved me anyway
But who cares, I learned from you just the same
And it's true, you cheapend yourself to better me
Cause I'm sure, I'll never fall for your kind again